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Look into their eyes...always. When your pet crosses the rainbow bridge, a painting brings them back into your home.

L-R My current dogs, Ollie, and Kona. Ollie will be 3 in April, and Kona is 15. Both are Puggles, Pug/Beagle mix. (2024)

Its one of the hardest things, to lose a pet. They are family, in some cases your 'child'. The loss is unspeakable. Sometimes you just want that comfort of having them near, watching over you. I am a fine artist, but also a very spiritually connected person. I have had lost loved ones reach out to me, usually in the form of dreams.

I had a dog a s a child that I loved very much. Her name was Brownie. I named her that because she looked like a brownie, like the dessert. My family adopted her from a kennel, the ad said she was a Beagle! She definitely wasn't. She looked more like a cross between a German Shepard and an Australian Sheep Dog. She did have the white stripe down her nose though. We had her for 9 years, and then she got very sick. It turned out to be something wrong with her liver, most likely Cancer. When I was a Freshman in High School, My Mother told me to say goodbye to Brownie before I left for school that day. I didn't realize she meant forever... (Joys of being Autistic!) When I came home, all I found was her collar on the kitchen island. When I realized she had been put down I was so upset, I cried for days. I was angry at my Mother for not telling me, however now I realize it was my Autism that caused me to not understand her meaning at the time. I couldn't read her expression or understand the inflection in her voice.

L-R This is a picture of My Brother, my Mother, Brownie and me. I was around 7 years old here. (1984)

It wasn't too long after that maybe a few Months, when I had a dream that seemed way too realistic. I was walking in a large green grass field with a woods along the edge of it in the distance. I felt my dog, Brownie's presence. As I walked closer to the woods, I saw her sitting on the edge of the field near the trees. She was looking right at me as I approached her. As she was looking at me, she communicated to me, not by talking, more like telepathy, that she was happy now, she could run and play and she wasn't in pain any longer. She let me know that she liked it where she was in that big green field. When I woke up, I had such a feeling of peace. I finally felt ok with her passing although I was still sad. That dream felt to real, too crisp, it was like I was actually there with her. To this day I remember that dream vividly. There was something about that dream that was different. I strongly believe her spirit had come to me in my dream that night to communicate with me, to let me know she was ok. Since then I have had other dreams with people who have passed also. Those dreams are similar in the sense that they communicate to me without talking and the dreams are very real. They feel more like a memory than a dream.

One way to keep your pets memory alive and create a physical connection to them when they're gone is to have a painting made of your pet. If you choose an extremely clear photo, and especially one where the pet is looking right at the camera, the painting will come out better than photo quality, It will be like they are looking right at you. With fine art it is also easy to customize, as an artist, I can do anything you like, I could give them angel wings, add the rainbow bridge, or it could be as simple as putting their favorite toy in the painting with them. Have you ever lost a pet? Have they communicated with you in any way since they have crossed over? Tell me about it I'm curious to know your experiences with this.

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