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The Liz Boston Art Studio's Teen Art Squad is now accepting applicants!

What is the Teen Art Squad?
It is a group of teen artists who meet at Liz Boston Art Studio, and under the guidance of artist Liz Boston, create art for charity, like murals, public art projects, and more for non-profit organizations like schools, churches, and local municipalities.

Who can join?

Any teen can apply, but we do have specific guidelines that must be met. Applications are reviewed and then a decision is made by Liz if you meet our criteria and will be awarded membership into the Art Squad.

What are the specific guidelines for membership?

  • You must be between the ages of 13 and 19 years old. 

  • You must be an artist (we will ask to see your work)

  • You must be willing to have your picture taken and used in social media, flyers, news articles, websites, and video. (You and your parents will need to sign a form stating this.)

  • You must attend the scheduled Art Squad meetings and participate in the projects we are working on. Right now we meet on Wednesdays 3:45pm
    to 5pm.


If you would like to apply, please email Liz at, info(@) send some examples of your work and describe why you want to join! 

If you are accepted into the Teen Art Squad you will need to fill out the two forms below and bring them with you to the meeting.

Meet Our Squad

Follow Us @TeenArtSquad

Have a non-profit looking for art? Contact Liz! 

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