Great for Schools!
Great for Weddings!

School Murals

We offer a unique experience for schools, Liz draws the image as an outline, and everyone helps paint it! It's an interactive art experience , everyone feels like a part of the project, and your school has a bright colorful mural to display that EVERYONE is proud of!

CUSTOM PAINTED MURALS for your home or business! Add your own creative touch to your space. Liz will work with you to ensure that you are happy with the result! 

Murals are great for:

  • Nurseries

  • Rec Rooms

  • Businesses

  • Restaurants

  • Church Function Halls

  • Schools

  • Libraries

  • Kids Bedrooms

  • Kitchens

  • Livingrooms

  • Home Theatres

  • Man Caves / Gamerooms

  • Bowling Centers

  • Hospitals

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Pricing is very affordable as long as the space is easily accessible. If the space is accessible with a regular height ladder no taller than 8' then pricing is $35./hour plus the cost of paint and any other supplies (such as brushes and wood panels for schools, wedding, and fairs). If any special scaffolding etc. is needed the price will need to reflect that. In those cases the price will vary depending upon the job. ​

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?  It typically takes about 4-5 hours for one 6' wall with 8' ceilings. However this can vary depending on the complexity of the design.

CAN I GET AN ESTIMATE? If you would like an estimate, Liz will come out to your space to see it, look at your ideas etc. and talk about your design. You will then recieve a formal estimate via email. The cost of an initial estimate is $50. (*Cost for Greater Boston area and surrounding towns.)  This will be taken off of your Mural cost if you do hire Liz to paint the mural.  

*If you are not loacated in the Greater Boston area, there will be an additional fee based on your location.


 These were part of a mural painted for a sewing school.

Great for Kids Rooms! Imaginative Playspaces! Any theme,
make their dreams come true!

This was done using decopage, and movie stills of the families favorite movies to create a custom "Movie Screen" on their livingroom wall.

This is a whimsical under the sea bathroom design. The possibilities are endless! Let us know your ideas!

A Winnie The Pooh themed nursury. With the walls painted light blue, all it takes is a few accent pictures and a couple of puffy clouds!

The tree to the left is perfect for a family photo wall of framed family photographs.


Liz Boston
Liz Boston Art Studio
66 Sea St., North Weyouth, MA 02191

This was a mural project through the Weymouth Art Association. The mural was painted behind the Tufts Library in Weymouth, MA. We had a contest for all kids up to age 18 who lived in Weymouth, and the winner got to have their design reproduced as a mural. The wall was gridded, and each square had a piece of the picture on a correspinding piece of paper. THe kids and their parents all pitched in and helped paint the mural, each painting one square of the grid at a time. 

This is something that can be organized for your school or church, contact Liz for more information!

Blacklight reactive paint! Great for Bowling Centers!


​Liz Boston Art Studio
200 Wales St.

Suite 401

Abington, MA 02351

(781) 789-8063

Liz Boston (Moore) - Owner
(is Boston her real name???? Yes! Liz grew up with the name Boston. Her married name is Moore, but she still uses Boston for her art!)




​Liz Boston is a local artist from Weymouth, MA. She went to the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, and graduated their four year studio art program in 2000, with a focus on painting. She has also studied under her mentor, Edwina Caci, a Copley Society portrait painter for many years. 

Liz is the past president of the Weymouth Art Association, and organized the Mural Project behind the Weymouth Tufts library. She was also a board member of the Quincy Art Association for a few years and maintained their website during that time.

Liz also sat on the board of the Massachusetts Cultural Council for Weymouth for 1 year.

Liz currently runs the facebook Group "Bostons South Shore Artists" for the professional artist community in the South Shore area to keep everyone up to date with local shows, oportunities, and happenings for artists. Membership is limited to professional artists who live in the area, membership requests are carefully screened. If you would like to request membership to the group, click here:





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