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Great For Any Occasion!

Great for commercial applications, but can be used for anything. A temporary painted window illustration custom painted for your theme.

- Custom Designed for your business or school!

- Liz can paint any idea you have, tell her what you have in mind.


-Removal of design is available for an additional fee when you're ready to remove it too if you like!

 send an email for an estimate based on the size and design of your job. 

Send pictures of the windows you would like painted and a general idea of what design you have in mind.



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Rodman Ford in Foxboro, MA. 

This job was requested to be painted on the outside of the windows. This can be done, however, it is not recommended for applications where it will be touched or rubbed up against by people. If the paint is wet or damp it will easily peel off of the windows if rubbed or picked at. If it gets wet, but isn't touched, it will re-harden when dry. The paint can also craze and wrinkle on the outside of windows. This crazing is barely noticable from a distance, but is easily noticable when close up.

Benefits to painting on the outside are:

  • Brighter clearer design (great for darker or tinted windows)

  • More detailed design

  • Access to the building is not required

  • Painting can take place during off hours

Cons to painting on the outside:​

  • Painting is subject to the environment, may not last as long.

  • When wet from rain etc. paint will easily rub/peel off if touched

  • Paint may craze/wrinkle

  • Can only be applied in amicable weather conditions, no rain, snow, and not too windy (wind blows paint right off brush and causes spatters)

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