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Lots of snags like an old sweater...

We have been hitting one snag after another....

  • Scott got multiple DVT blood clots in both legs, and one in his lung while we were in Arizona.... because of this we burned through all of our savings. We needed to find work either remotely or in AZ. It was difficult.

  • We finally found a job in Key West Florida at an RV Resort where we would get spot to park the RV with full hookups for free plus get paid 40 hour per week for each of us. Scott would work outside clearing RV sites and helping to park RVs and I would work in the office .

  • I was having difficulty getting along at the job due to my Autism...(or maybe I should say, they were having difficulty with it).

  • Scott had a trip to the ER in an ambulance for what we thought was severe dehydration but turned out to be a 24 hour virus.

  • Our son, Cam came to visit for Christmas, and brought Covid, so we all came down with it.

  • After 10 days of quarantine, and positive Covid tests, the Resort fired us for being sick too long!

  • We are still recovering with lingering coughs, and now traveling back to Massachusetts because at least Scott has work he can do there , so we can save up again before we travel more.

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