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Day trip to Shelburne Falls, MA

We are chomping at the bit to get on the road, but we have been discovering it's not as simple as we originally thought! We have the RV, so we've got that going for us. Lol other than that, until I start making way more money off of my art, we're going to need to find ways to make a living on the road. This means work from home jobs. I started selling Paparazzi Jewelry hoping this would work, since it will still allow me plenty of time to paint, and Scott is still looking for something he can do. In the mean time, we've been working on the RV, fixing minor problems etc. Until we can get going.

Today we took the RV out for a spin to Shelburne Falls, MA. We parked by a gorgeous river and had some pizza from Berkshire Pizza. They have great pizza and are very nice if you're ever out that way! It was relaxing and fun all at the same time. Kona loved it, and Ollie was still a little nervous! I don't think he remembers being in the RV when he was a tiny little pup. But he's warming up to it quickly! He keeps snuggling up to Kona for emotional support! I guess Kona is his emotional support animal! 🤣

I took some pictures of the river, and of a cool church that looks like it could be in a Stephen King novel for inspiration to paint. I hope to get back to painting after being in a little slump over the Holidays. I will post pics of my work soon. Thank you for your support! - Liz


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