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"Hey! Hey! What's Goin' On!" (With this RV thing?)

Nov 23, 2021

In the iconic words of the band 4 Non Blondes, "Hey! Hey! What's Goin' On!" The answer to that is, A LOT!!!! Let's see.... we drove down to Florida to pick up our RV. once we got the RV we stayed in Florida for a few nights, (I even hosted a facebook live from the RV in Florida). Then we drove back up to Massachusetts in the RV, towing our Ford Transit Connect behind us. On our way home, we drove through Skyline Drive in Virginia, I have attached a picture of Kona at the top of the mountain enjoying the view. We needed to come back to Mass so we could Register the RV, and pay the Taxes etc. We have winterized the RV as a precaution in case it gets really cold during the night, but we hope to be on the road by Dec. or January. We are saving up some gas money to get going. RV gas money is like thousands of dollars so it's no joke, we gotta save! LOL Scott is looking for a remote work opportunity to help fund our trip so he can work from the road, and I have been trying to get facebook live art classes going, but haven't had a lot of interest in that. I have put the Friday Facebook live classes on hold for the moment, but I would be happy to resume them if any of you are interested in them. Also, if you guys have any ideas for a better timeslot or something else you would be more interested in other than classes please let me know, I would love some ideas! Ollie is 7 months old now, and is becoming fluent speaking with his talking buttons! He pushes "treat,now" and I say "treat, later" and he presses, "mad" LOL I need to get all of this on video so you guys can see it for yourselves. It's amazing!!!! Right after Thanksgiving I will be going to Barcelona Spain for a week, with my good friend Heather. I will try and post pics from Spain on instagram, and hopefully make some sketches for paintings while I'm there too! Any requests of what I should draw/paint in Barcelona? Let me know! I will only be there for a week, but it will be fun! I have never been to Europe before, the farthest I have travelled has been to Hawaii.

A dog named Kona, looking out over the Virginia landscape from the open car window on Skyline Drive! There is a breathtaking view of  hills in the distance and a gorgeous blue sky with the sun shining.
Kona, looking out over the Virginia landscape from Skyline Drive!

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