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Marthas Vineyard Massachusetts

One of my favorite places to visit....Marthas Vineyard. I have been there many many times, It's part of Massachusetts, but it feels like it's millions of miles away. It's a magical place, with small villages right on the water, little fishing cabins, buildings that are right next to the sidewalk, because they are so old. This is also where they filmed the movie JAWS! If you are ever in Massachusetts, you should go to Marthas Vineyard! Make sure to go in the warmer weather, its so much nicer, more places are open, and there's a lot of walking so its more comfortable in the warmer weather. If you look up JAWS locations online, you can find the different filming locations from the movie and hunt them down on the island. I have done this, and these locations still look the same!!! Its so cool, you start to feel like you're in the movie! There's also a restaurant there owned by the actor who played Alex Kintner (the little boy who was on the yellow swim float and eaten by the shark). That was his only acting job, and he now owns and operates his restaurant full time so it's very likely you can meet him if you go! The restaurant is called The Wharf Pub, and is located at 3 Main Street in Edgartown. If you go, make sure you make a trip to the restaurant bathroom because on the way you pass through a room that has old memorabilia and photos from the filming of the movie JAWS.

If you are a lighthouse fan, Marthas Vineyard has five of them! The ones that are well known are the Edgartown Lighthouse (pictured in my painting above) and Gayhead light. here is an article all about the five different lighthouses on Marthas Vineyard: A Guide to Visiting the Lighthouses on Martha’s Vineyard (

One of my favorite times to visit Marthas Vineyard is for the Annual Grand Illumination Night, also known as The Lantern Festival. This event takes place on the third Wednesday in August every year. "It's a magical night when thousands of colorful Japanese lanterns decorating charming Victorian "gingerbread cottages" (Oak Bluffs Camp Ground) light up the night." - There is live music, food vendors, colorful gingerbread cottages, and Japanese lanterns lit up everywhere! It is completely magical, an event you have to see at least once in your lifetime! Here is the link to the official page for the event. Annual Grand Illumination Night 2022 | Martha's Vineyard (

If you decide to visit Marthas Vineyard here are some things not to miss! Island Alpaca - The Flying Horses Carousel (See if you can grab the brass ring!) - Flying Horses Carousel – Vineyard Preservation Trust ( Gay Head Lighthouse tour - Visit Menemsha - Vacation in Menemsha on Martha's Vineyard Island (

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