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Pros and Cons of using a DCR shower at a state park when RV -ing.

Ok, this may be a little bit satire, and a little bit true. 😳 Staying at a state park can be affordable, beautiful, and fun since each camp site has a fire pit etc. However, from what I've seen, a lot of them do not provide RV hookups. Yes we have an electric hookup, but no water or sewer. We are currently staying here for 2 weeks, so what that means is, whenever we need to dump our tanks, we need to pack everything up, so we can drive to the dumpsite at the campground. No it's not far, but it's a nuisance. This becomes especially problematic if you're like me and like to take long hot showers! Usually in my RV shower, I will stay in there until the water threatens to turn cold on me then I need to rush to rinse off and hop out! 😅 Taking long showers like this also fills up our gray tank fairly quickly. Sooooo......this is where the public showers come in. Here is my list of pros and cons for taking a shower in the public shower building as opposed to your own RV. Pros

  • Hot water never runs out! Take your shower as long as you like!

  • Relatively spacious compared to most RV shower stalls. No it's not gigantic, but roomy enough that you don't bump the walls!

  • 2 words - Water Pressure. It's got it, and it's a nice change.

  • Well lit, not sure if most of them are like this but I assume they're all built similar....vaulted ceinings, windows along the upper edge (near the ceiling) of an entire wall letting the sun in.

  • Ventilation - all of those windows I just mentioned? They're all open (with screens), but they let the fresh air in and the steam and moisture out.

  • Their drain, their problem! Unlike your personal RV, if they have a problem with their drains draining, you just use a different shower! No headaches to deal with! (For the record, my drain drained nicely.)


  • Bring a shower caddy. I don't know about you, but I don't personally want to put my bar of soap down on a wet public soap ledge or floor. Eeew.

  • Wear flip flops. You can wear them while you shower. Depending on how clean the showers are, the floors can be a little wet and grimy.

  • The shower itself is basically a hose schnozzle. It's true!!! No shower head, just water spurting out of that schnozzle!

  • Wear, shorts or better yet a short length (above the knee) skirt. I learned the hard way trying to put my pants on with wet feet that were in fact touching that grimy floor because no, I didn't wear flip-flops! Ugh.

  • Anyone else in or near that bath house can hear you! So if you like to sing in the shower, or listen to your favorite romance story on audible while you shower, everyone nearby becomes an instant audience!

  • 2 words - Dead Bugs. Everywhere. On the walls, the floor, circling the drain....I suppose thats better than live ones though 🤔

  • You do need to walk back through the camp sites to get to your RV after your shower, so be prepared to wave hello to all your neighbors when you have wet hair and no makeup on. 😜

All in all I personally think it was worth it for the awesome extended hot water, and the fact that I didn't fill up our gray tank with water from one shower! 😀 But next time, I'm going to take my own advice.....wear shorts, wear flip flops, and get a nice shower caddy! 🚿 -Liz

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