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Liz Boston's


Paint The States Tour

What is the Paint The States Tour?



Starting May 1st, 2022, artist Liz Boston will move into a class A motorhome to live fulltime and travel to all 50 states for around 5 years (possibly a little longer) spending approximately 1 - 3 months per state.  She will be living and traveling with her Husband, Scott and 2 dogs, Kona and Ollie. While they travel Liz will be making paintings of what inspires her, what makes each state unique, highlighting local landmarks, foods, traditions and anything else that gives each state it's character. Along the way, Liz will be attending local outdoor art markets, selling prints and paintings, promoting the tour and Jerrys Artarama as a designated Jerrys Artarama Artist Ambassador. 

Tour Route

We estimate around 1 month per state however depending on the state we could spend up to 3 months. This is a loose guideline for our predicted route. Other factors may also change our route like weather patterns etc.

(June - Dec.) Balloon Fest.
                              Houston Rodeo
                              Roswell Alien Fest.

(Jan. - June) Mardi-gras

(June - Aug.) Des Moines Art  Fest.
                              Tri-City BBQ Fest.

(Sept. - Oct.) Pike Place Farmers Market

(Nov. - Dec.)

(April - July) solar eclipse
                             shark week




The RV
Class A Thor Outlaw Toy Hauler

rv layout.png



40' long
13' tall

Both sides of the RV provide huge advertising capability.

The back of the RV is a great spot for a huge advertisement.

Notable Art Festivals to enter

New England

  • July : Guilford Art Center Craft Expo
    Guilford CT


  • September : Plaza Art Fair
    Kansas City Mo.

  • September : Park Forest Fine Art FairPark Forest IL

  • September : Peoria Art Guild Art Fair 
    Peoria IL

    December : One of a kind Holiday ShowChicago, IL


  • June : Gold Coast Art Fair
    Chicago IL

  • August : Port Clinton Art Festival
    Highland Park IL

  • May : Art on the Square
    Belleville IL

  • June : 57th Street Art Fair
    Chicago IL

  • June : Old Town Art Fair
    Chicago IL

  • July : Geneva Fine Arts
    Geneva IL

  • June : Lakefront Fest. of the Arts
    Milwaukee WI

  • July : Art in the Park
    Plymouth MI

  • July : Art Fair on the Square
    Madison WI

  • July : Ann Arbor Street Art Fair
    Ann Arbor MI

  • August : Kimball Arts Fest.
    Park City UT

  • August : Charlevoix Waterfront Art FairCharlevoix MI

  • Aug.-Sept. : Arts, Beats, & Eats
    Royal Oak MI

  • Sept. : Art & Apples Fest.
    Rochester MI


  • October : Bayou City Art FestivalHouston TX

  • April : Main Street Arts Festival
    Fort Worth TX

  • April : Delray Affair
    Delray Beach FL

  • May : Artisphere
    Greenville SC

  • May : Northern Virginia Fine Arts Fest.Reston, VA

  • October: St. James Court Art Show Louisville KY

  • Sept. : Saint Louis Art Fair
    Clayton MO

  • Jan. : Las Olas Art Fair
    Fort Lauderdale FL

  • Jan. : Beaux Arts Fest. of Art
    Coral Gables FL

  • Jan.-Feb. : ArtFest Fort Myers
    Fort Myers FL

  • Feb. : Mount Dora Arts Fest.
    Mount Dora FL

  • Feb. : Coconut Grove Arts Festival
    Miami FL

  • Feb. : ArtiGras
    Jupiter FL

  • March : Wintr Park Sidewalk Art Fest.Winter Park FL

  • March : Cedar Key Arts Festival
    Cedar Key FL



  • July : Cherry Creek Arts Fest.
    Denver CO

  • March : La Quinta Arts Fest
    La Quinta CA

  • Aug.-Sept. : Art in the Pearl
    Portland OR

  • August : Art in the High Desert
    Bend OR

Gasoline consumption

6 miles/gallon
holds 80 gallons
Approximately $280-$300/fill up (based on national average)

1 tank of gas gets us about 500 miles.


RV Parks/Campgrounds



Social Media

There are multiple social media streams that we have, and will update throughout the  Paint The States Tour.
We will even have a YouTube series about our adventures and art making. Please find links to all of our social channels below. 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

 Instagram     Facebook          Twitter          You Tube        Patreon



Liz is a painter, mainly using acrylics. Her work is very illustrative, bold, colorful and crisp. Liz is a graduate of the Museum School of Fine Art, Boston, year 2000. She has run her own retail art studio and been the owner/manager of 2 bowling alleys since then. 2 years ago she was finally diagnosed as Autistic at 43 years old. Painting the country has always been her dream, and now it's happening!


Liz's husband Scott is a North Eastern University grad,  and was a professional bus driver for years before owning 2 bowling alleys with Liz for many years.
He is an avid photographer/videographer and will be shooting and editing the YouTube show for the tour. He has worked as a bowling mechanic for years and has great mechanical skills which will come in handy with the RV.



Kona is a senior dog at 13.5 years old. With his age comes years of experience. He started his career as a bowling mascot, showing up for every league night. After that he became the mascot of Liz's art studio. He would greet everyone, pose with kids birthday parties and paint nights for pictures, and hang out with the art students. Now he is excited for his new adventures on the Paint The States Tour!




Ollie is the newest edition to the team! He was born last April and is a Puggle (half pug, half beagle) just like Kona. Ollie has no work experience but is eager to learn everything that Kona knows. He is a very affectionate and friendly pup who welcomes anyone that he meets to be his friend.  Ollie talks to us using his buttons, and he usually has a lot to say! We will post him doing this to our instagram as well! 

Some examples of Liz's work

See more at

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