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There's downsizing.....and then there's DOWNSIZING.

We were staying in a studio apartment at my Bothers House until our House sold, and while we picked up our RV, then while Scott finished up his commitments with Bowling work, and now finally we have moved into our RV fulltime. When we were living in the Studio apartment, we had already downsized A LOT. We got rid of almost everything we used to have in our 2 bedroom house with a gameroom basement. Then, before we moved into the RV, we downsized again, knowing we were essentially moving into a tiny house. that we have moved, we still have too much stuff!!! It's crazy! So, we have been trying to throw out as much as we can, things we can't throw out will go into a small storage space, but we are being very choosy as to what gets to be stored. The expense of a storage space isn't what we want, so getting it down to the smallest possible amount is ideal. Not only do we need to get rid of almost everything, we are finding that the things we used to have don't neccisarily make sense to have in the RV. For example, glass storage containers got switched out for plastic, our vacuum cleaner was gigantic compared to the space we live in now, so that got switched out to a tiny vacuum (like a dust buster! Lol). I want to add more storage in here eventually, but until then we need to find a place for everything, so it is all put away before we drive down the road. You'd think this would be an easy move since we aren't moving into a large house, but in actuality, I think this move is much more difficult. It is very refreshing at the same time. Getting rid of all that STUFF. It is freeing. I love that I will no longer have all that stuff weighing me down! We plan to be on the road the first week of June. First stop Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard, then Arizona. We'll keep you posted! - Liz

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